Friday , October 7 2022

Leon was heard of 20 hyenes until an unexpected friend saved him Society


A completely lonely and lonely lion was forced to meet a flock of cruel hyenas in the African savannah.

The feline could handle the big attack until a friend of his own species arrived unexpectedly to help him

"At first he began to show the hyenas how dominant he tried to chase them one by one, but then he found himself surrounded by twenty or thirty of them without escaping. Every time he attacked one, many others rushed to him from behind"explains Simon Blakeney, one of the authors of the video published by BBC Earth.

When he stops being completely heard by the carnivores, another lion will run to his help, drive away the hyenas, which leaves the site fast and both cats "celebrate" feat.

It was the latter that caused great serenity among YouTube users, because many could not believe how the two lions show love and act as nothing after the risky struggle. Clearly, the catsThey are grateful for having more time to live.

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