Friday , December 3 2021

Lautaro de Buin and AC Colina achieved a historic campaign for the second division


An historic day lived in Third Division A of Chilean football, then the clubs Lautaro de Buin and AC Colina, they achieved an unrivaled campaign for professional football and from next season they will play in Second Division.

The first to jump to the game area were those that belong Province of Maipo, which in an exciting match won 3-2 Rengo Sports, crowned champions in the category and takes the first quota of marketing to professionalism, for the first time in 36 years of history.

For its part, the Colina group also had access to professional football, as "electric"just victory ahead of them Sport Limache, because equality gave the quota for marketing to "limachinos".

The meeting was pulsating, with an 1-1 equality remaining for 68 minutes at which time Sebastián Guzmán, gave the ultimate goal of victory to "aleti", which ensured runners and climbing.

In the result of the second division, United Malleco He could not stop staying in the last place of the rise, despite winning 2-0 against San Antonio. Araucanians, as mathematically depressed, are still waiting for the ANFP resolution, which is close to the devastating Sport Vallenar, which would retain "mallequinos" in the category.

Finally, Santa Cruz debuted his league title, equivalent to 1-1 Independent of Cauquenes in Stadium "Joaquín Muñoz García"at the end of the tournament; Recoleta held category beats Fernández ampoule 1-0.

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