Friday , December 3 2021

Ivan Zamorano condemned the use of his image to "cheat" people | Society


Ivan Zamorano He used his Instagram account to warn his followers about a publication that began to circulate on social networks where they use their image without gathering to make people invest money to overcome their financial problems.

In the publication, which can be seen on Facebook, he says: "Football legend shows us how he recovered from bankruptcy and he made a big fortune"where it is given to understand that exseleccionado national revealed how it recovered.

After reading this, the former Real Madrid player wrote on his Instagram: "To all my followers and the public, I commented that, on a surprise, I discovered Friday 14 on websites and Facebook publications strangers, scammers, scammers, they have used my image without permission, "he said.

"They call and invite people to invest with them and become a millionaire with reference to my personal situation"he added.

In that line, BamBam pointed out that "please do not come in. It's a fraud and I have never approved or consented to such publications, which are completely fake using pictures of me like a hook, so with my team We are working to take relevant legal action thus avoiding fraud and affecting more people. "

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