Friday , December 3 2021

It's official: they weigh charges against Shakira for millions of tax evasion


Prosecutors in Spain accused the Colombian singer on Friday Shakira of tax evasion, claimed he stopped paying more $ 16.3 million between 2012 and 2014, which was denied by the star.

According to the charges, Shakira He entered the Bahamas as his official residence for tax purposes during these years, although during that period "the defendant There was no physical attendance today and there is no evidence that he presented a tax declaration of income and inheritance or explanation of any other type of tax, "the official accusation raises. The imputation says that in those years He lived most in Spain with his partner, football player Gerard Piqué.

On the other hand, tax rates are much lower in the Bahamas than in Spain.

Shakira answers

Shakira said in a statement sent by her representatives that she was not legally resident in Spain in the current years and that she did not owe anything to the Spanish tax authorities, which she described as "syndabocks" to scare other contributors. He also argues that the necessary funds have already been paid.

the Barcelona prosecutor's office She says in the mood that singer's travels abroad were in short periods due to professional commitments. They want me to pay taxes in Spain for income received in the rest of the world.

The singer officially moved to Spain for fiscal purposes 2015, after having two children with Piqué. A judge will evaluate whether there is sufficient evidence to prosecute it.

Prosecutors want Shakira to pay one the guarantee of 19.4 million euros, the amount they say they are liable for taxes plus 33%, according to the provisions of Spanish law. Otherwise, they recommend that assets corresponding to that amount be frozen.

This week Associated Press had access to a document dated 29 November, generated after a year of investigation, where the prosecutors responsible for the case argued that there were facts that gave rise to criminal considerations on the alleged crimes.

Paradis Paper

The star appeared in 2017 in a series of documents that were filtered about tax havens called Paradise Papers with musicians like Bonus of U2 and Madonna. According to the archives, In 2009, Shakira transferred all its intellectual property rights, musical assets and trademarks to a company based in Malta., an island in the European Union with major tax advantages.

Recently, other celebrities like football players Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have had problems with the Spanish tax authorities.

Shakira, 41, whose full name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak RipollHe recently finished his El Dorado World Tour and has been awarded three Grammy and 11 Latin Grammy Awards.

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