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"It's a divergent measure, almost by a police state"

This week, Sebastián Piñera announced that he sent to the congress of a bill that changes preventive identity control for people over 14 years of age. In an interview with Registered trademark, Senator for national renewal, Andrés Allamand, generally the identity defended controls but indicated that there are differences depending on age.

"I have clearly said: You cannot treat a 14-year-old person – who is almost a child – in the same way as a 30-year-old person. I have been quite critical that this instrument is used unfairly, he says.

"The discussion is whether the border is between 14 and 18. It is not about sharing in half, but There is a good basis for these checks to be carried out only in 16 years"Explained the senator.

As for the idea of ​​the former presidential candidate José Antonio Kastanj to establish one "Youth curfew"Allamand emphasized that "Quite contrary, is a deviant measure, almost typical of a police state."

"Let the problems of crime be resolved because the boys can't go out at night on the street it seems absurd"Senator RN added and indicated that such a move would not count on his vote.

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"The new majority failed"

When it comes to crossfire within his coalition, specifically on Senator Ossandon's statement, which he announced would be a "failure" that President Piñera failed to maintain a Chilean heritage In a subsequent mandate, Allamand stated that Ossandón has a "very expansive" form.

"I keep what's important, Ossandón votes are disciplined, has voted all the initiatives of this government, "he added.

Then Monica asked Rincón Andrés Allamand if he shared the idea that It would be "a failure" for this government to fail to hold a new mandate in its ranks.

"A coalition that cannot be projected over time is a political failureWho does not know that the new majority failed in their political project? For four years, they were rejected by the citizens, "the Honorable Member replied.

Finally, the driver off Registered trademark the senator asked has opened the door to a presidential candidatewhich Allamand replied to: "I am one of a long list of candidates."

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