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Isabelle can release hell in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Isabelle can release hell in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

17 DEC 2018 / Video game

A glitch discovery in the game makes Isabelle invoke infinite Assassin Trophies on stage.

Isabelle (or cinnamon, whatever you want to call her) was one of the last signs that will be announced for SUper Smash Bros. Ultimate, and even if the character is ready for battle A discovery glitch makes it release a real hell in the game.

This glitch – available in version version of game – This makes the Assisting Trophies endless and ends with everyone who goes on stage.

According to the explanation, this must be two Isabelle face to face, and both have to use their fishing tackle to try to capture the "Assist Trophy""Only with some difference frame. This will cause the character that remains with the trophy to start investing without stopping the assistants.

This glitch was detected by the Reddit user, TheAfrowJow and then you can review a video with the glitch and how it works with the various Assistant Trophies.

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