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¿Is the Pixel 4 XL more than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and is it perfect?

Pixel 4 XL Galaxy Note 10 Plus

The Pixel 4 XL (izquierda) and the Galaxy Note 10 Plus are unleashed on the cellular, but can be added to the mercado, or any perfect.

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El Google Pixel 4 y Pixel 4 XL ya están and preventa y estarán available el 24 de octubre.

Estos celulares Google's major features and features are included in our additional customer service. Los Pixel 4 también ten algunas carencias importantes, pero aún así superan al Samsung Galaxy Note 10 y al Galaxy Note 10 Plus a variety of aspects. Aquí te cuento las cosas me frustraron del Pixel 4 and comos it more than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus y hermano menor.

Cosas and las el Pixel 4 XL super Galaxy Note 10 Plus

Actualizaciones Android

The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are the first and most updated versions of the latest version of Google's operating system, running Android 11.

Samsung, by its part, has no side of the phone and actually operates the system of its telephones and no experience of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus.

Features for Android and futuristic

Google has converted Pixels to Pixels and a platform for some features that are available on Android and other Android apps. For example, with Pixel Pixel, the new Google Assistant and the position of the Assistant have been llamadas and restaurants for their reservations, including others.

And this site, with Pixel 4, is now available with Google Assistant and Live Caption (transcription and real-time video), for other reasons, which can be done on a cellular basis, per person.

And this is a pixel 4 of the most disruptive features of antispeed of otros telephones of reciban and asia permitting a user's vision of a camera on Android.

The Galaxy Note 10 is available with Google Assistant, as it is possible to find a way to get a new or new assistant, or Live Capture and quiz it is not necessary for the purpose of detecting accident and crashes.

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Cámara principal muy confiable

The Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus feature tens of more rooms and their mercado, per the history of the Google's cellular charts, which is less than the best of the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL's main lasers más confiables, they are now configurable and un celular actualmente.

For the first generation of Pixel, Google has the opportunity to compete in its competitions and competitions, with a higher degree of competence (and different scenarios) in the case of the Pixel logger pictures that may or may not be of competence.

Aunque estas son las cosas en las el Pixel 4 vencería con claridad a Galaxy Note 10, hi que tener en cuenta que los telephonos de Samsung también tiens sus ventajas. For example, all three rooms are available for use in public and in public, or in microSD (and in the case of Note 10 Plus), as well as attractive and impressive in many functions.

Get frustrated by Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Almacenamiento base

Los Pixel 4 has up to 64GB of almacenamiento, and su versión básica. Since it is different from Apple with new iPhones, by comparing manzanas with naranjas, it is not compatible with iPhone ten options limited, because Android is very many options.

Con esto en cuenta, telephones with the Galaxy S10 Plus and the Huawei P30 Pro of 128GB the almacenamiento base y los Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus have up to 256GB the almacenamiento inicial.

It is, however, the Galaxy Note 10 that can be used by the Pixel 4 XL, with the option of 128GB tendency for pages US $ 999, less than the Galaxy Note 10 only for US $ 949.

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Its almacenamiento limit the photos and videos to the original

Anterior, uncompensated by the pixel almacenamiento of the Los Pixel — because of its no-holds-barred microSD, much more than its Android rival — the era of almacenamiento ilimitado and Google Photos (en la nube) photos and videos and original photos. Google, its embargo, combines with Pixel 4.

And realidad, solo teens almacenamiento ilimitado the photos and videos and "alta calidad" como toda class of cellular Android and hasta iPhone. You can find photos and videos in the form of a webpage for Google with a look at our website and service.

Google One ("free")

Google has three meses of the Google One with the Pixel 4, which can burn 100GB of almacenamiento and la nube.

Just as it is with noticeables, the problem is that you can get rid of the limitation with a reduced 15GB solo, which is not to be overlooked in Google Drive.

It utilizes up to 15GB of common data for users who are using Google and Google One, no more than data or archives, as per Gmail not available, nor any other people, as long as 15GB of up to ten and Google Drive (using Google), the service of the service, and the service of a general customer.

For example, to do so is normalized and borrower, as well as for menus of 15GB the uso o simplemente pagar mensualmente de el almacenamiento en la nube; it is desirable to cancel a service for después to suscribas.

These are basically frustrations with the Pixel 4, but it does not mean that they are not in a cellular fashion. Tendremos nuestro análisis pronto en el que no solo hablaré de estas frustraciones, sin también de lo destacable de e dispositivo y lo qure ofrece and un mercado donde hay muchas opciones.


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