Monday , December 6 2021

"In Chile, there are more HIV": they cover the mouth of Deputy Romero for saying about immigrants | present


A few days ago Leonidas Romero (RN) assured that foreigners have been important in the rise of HIV cases in Chile.

Our country is actually among the ten nations where the spread of this disease increased by 50% in seven years, according to a report from UNAIDS.

The director of the AIDS Chile group, contagious researcher Yasna Alarcón, denied the legislature in hard terms and explained why her statement was wrong. golpes.shtml

"I would tell foreigners to take care of themselves because there are more new cases than in their countries, so they are not the ones who import the virus"said the professional to La Segunda.

"In fact, the majority of patients in control and diagnosis are Chilean. HIV is a local problem, not foreigners," he concluded.


According to Alarcón, the rise originated in the fact that the beginning of sexual life was before 14 years, to which today the idea of ​​the stable partner and the fact that the mentality of the youth is more open is not valued: gay relationships and bisexuals are fully accepted.

"Millennials do not know what aids are. We heard of the disease when you guys, but it ended up being a topic of conversation"he explained.

This is in addition to the fact that there is currently no awareness of the use of condoms, which was reflected in the increase of other sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis and gonorrhea. The situation is widespread, even at the end of the country.

In this line, the infector raised the initiative 90-90-90, aiming at 2020 that 90% of those infected know that 90% of them then go to treatment and decrease by 90% the presence of the virus in the blood enough to stop transferring it.

But that future is far from current living today in Chile: less than 50% of the infected people know that it is according to estimates.

In this way, Alarcón was critical of dissemination campaigns, both at educational level and at government level.

In the facilities, these depend on the lawyers. Many times they have interrupted calls or had to present to a handful of children.

Regarding the government's campaigns, he accused that they only lasted in December, because the first day of this month celebrates the global fight against AIDS.

Alarcón appreciated that the attention of the infected in the country is of quality, but regretted that the lack of prevention and training causes people to be infected.

Thus, the actions criticized in the current institutionalities. "And I'm not just talking about the Ministry of Health. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, Labor and Women"he said.

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