Saturday , August 13 2022

"Impressive": The famous play of "Tía Maca" in his commented return to "Pasapalabra" | TV and Show


Within the framework of "The Best of League" of Pasapalabra, contestants Macarena Derado, popularly known as "Moster maca ", returned to the successful Chilevisión program.

In her resignation, the doctor led the ornate, which was also integrated Nicolás Larraín and Mariela Sotomayor.

Even though it is eliminated in the same chapter, right now "Groove" Macarena revived some of her best days in the contest after she guessed the necessary concept barely with the first antecedent she heard.


"Thanks to this, there are many enchanters"commented Julian Elfenbein as a trace, and Macarena replied: "Heaven", correct. "Can you explain to me how he does?", replied Nicolás Larraín. "Impressive," added ivory.

The performance turned into an important step for Rosco. With the game, "aunt Maca" adds 5 seconds for his team, which was obviously amazed by the competitor's skill, whose name became one of the most spoken concepts last night in Twitter.

Here you can see the exact moment of success.

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