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"I told my daughter that she was not for tennis, and she retired"


This 2018 was not a year for Marcelo Ríos, who started the calendar with the controversial phrase from Maradona "that they continue to suck …" when in January was the team for Davis Cup preparations for receiving Ecuador.

After such a poem, which earned him a fine from ITF, as he says he never paid, "Chinito" stopped to consult the Red game, Captain Nicolás Massú and returned to his batcave in the United States, where he lives happy and covered by what he shows from Instagram.

But time cures everything. And in the exhibition to the exhibition that will give this Friday to Arena Monticello, where he returns to the courts in Chile to Nicolás Lapentti, the former speaker spoke of everything, from a review of the phrase that normally sucks.

"Not to go to the latest Davis Cup series was not about the insult episode, it was about personal issues," he said frontally as always.

One by one

For many, Friday's match can be pure silver. But left-handed Vitacura confessed in Cooperative that "I've been training a lot for farewell party" so that those who come to the casino see sincere sticks.

Similar to those who, faithful to his style, continue to launch on national news, both sports and life itself.

For example, "Chino" was honored to admit that he told his daughter Constanza that he had no fingers for the piano. "I had to tell my daughter that she was not for tennis and she retired," acknowledged Ríos, who admitted himself as admirer of Joaco Nieamann, the new national star of golf at the planet level.

"I've talked to him and I find him a super nice guy that he has done amazing. Thank God, it was not at university," he said that the new format of the Davis Cup, played in Spain thanks to the invention of Gerard Piqué , who designed a new format discussed by the stars of white sports.

"It's good because it's going to be a week and the calendar today is very strong, but I do not fit so you can not play at home," he analyzed, who in any case said if he had to call someone to claim the format "would call Shakira" instead of communicating with Vidal's partner in Barza.

And, as a matter of fact, Rios climbed the ball and pronounced the last dragon of Copa Libertadores. "I have not been in UC for a while, but I think the root is better for U. de Concepción," he added.

Yes you can

On the visit to Austria for the Davis Cup, where the team Massú will play the opportunity to reach the World Cup for the top 16 teams in Madrid, "Chino" warned that he is already on the plane to Vienna.

"The team we have today is the second best in history. We have young players. We can show that with these players we can be among the top 16 in the world," said the left hand, who promised Jarry's moment, but even more than Garins.

"I was amazed at Garin's second semester and now the complicated and beautiful part comes", ended on "The Tank".

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