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"I can not accept that an unscrupulous lawyer links me and my husband as accomplices in addiction" Glamorama


Author: Cristián Farías Ravanal / November 27, 2018

Paz Bascuñán issued a hard press release against lawyer Juan Pablo Hermosilla, representative of almost all women who accuse Nicolás López of filmmaker about harassment and sexual assault.

Hermosilla stated in the T13 Radio that "what he did (López) was so normal that he knew everything about him. Paz Bascuñán and her husband knew everything about it. At such a level, normalization was like his birthday he made a sketch where he said what he did … He is a person who produces a giant terror and it is usual from Karadima to under ".

Paz Bascuñan's answer is strong. This is his statement:

"I have always defended and I continue to defend women's rights and their dignity by rejecting all forms of violence and abuse, which I consider to be crucial for the establishment of a fairer society. Therefore, I can not accept it under the guidance of this necessary cause men and women arrive missing in the truth.

"The brutal injuries, not only the glory of human beings, but also the ability to switch to a society where respect exists for abuse. Missing the truth weakens the credibility of so many women who have become victims of real addiction and that is unforgivable.

"We live in times where the presumption of virginity is not guaranteed as the right momentum, which can only be polar visions and someone has the freedom to say what they want about another, whether true or false.

"This has gone too far and today I can not accept that a non-confessional lawyer, without background and lacking any professional ethics, connects me and my husband as accomplices in addiction.

"What right and what evidence does Hermosilla point us out as a concealer?" If you have a single serious antecedent against my husband or mine, I request that you report it to the court. I will not be idiotically because I will not contribute to a society where opportunistic lies go unpunished.

"I've never accepted because you know everyone with whom I've been working directly, an abuse on me or my colleagues, less than an abuse of sexual or employment conflicts, I've always acted accordingly. The violence is not combated, and not fighting for the dignity of the woman lacks the truth.

"I just hope the truth is in a fair trial, even if it goes against current prevailing prejudices."

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