Monday , December 6 2021

How do you close WhatsApp if the phone is stolen or lost


WhatsApp knows that these are things that happen more often than they should, so there is an option to solve it.

Lose your mobile phone: one off worst nightmares that people who love their smartphone have. The worst? Get a thief to steal your phone.

In smartphones, we not only have important tasks Like our contacts or addresses, they also store ours agenda, social networks, banking information, etc.

I mean our whole life There are in these gadgets. That's why many can panic if their phone disappears or someone removes them

If this happens, the first step will always be block it with iCloud or Google, depending on your operating system.

But despite this You can still access your accounts and applications if they did not have a security method enabled. For example, lock the pattern, fingerprints, nip or code.

WhatsApp becomes independent of the phone number: it releases the function to add contacts

So what to do with close your WhatsApp account and no-one can use it or spy it?

The company is aware that these types of incidents are quite common. so it offers a solution for this. The problem is You can not "disable" the account yourself: You must send an email to WhatsApp.

  • It's quite simple. The first step is to call your telephone company and report your phone number and chip
  • Then all you have to do is write to the email "[email protected]"With the case "Stolen / lost phone: Please close my account". As it is
  • In the mail you must add your phone number – the same number associated with your account – in international format
  • That is, with all country codes beginning with the + sign. Here you can find out yours
  • Immediately WhatsApp Continue to disable your account temporarily
  • To enable it again you must Download your phone number in a new SIM card and enter WhatsApp
  • App will send an SMS to enable tYou count, just like the first time you used it
  • If it is not reactive in less than 30 days, This will be completely eliminated

While it is disabled your contacts can continue to send messages as you will see as soon as you turn it on again.

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