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How do companies communicate with the best reputation in Chile?

With regard to the RepTrak 2019 survey, prepared by reputation Institute, and it placed CNN Chile as the eighth company with the best reputation – and the only way to communicate in the top 20 director of UDP advertising school, Cristián Leporati, analyzed the strategies of the various companies that appear in the ranking.

What is corporate reputation?

For RAE, reputation is "the opinion or consideration where you have someone or something" and "prestige or marriage where someone or something is kept". The brand's reputation is the perception that different interest groups have both internal and external how companies work.

In the particular case of RepTrak 2019, the basic factors for rumor analysis are based on supply, innovation, work, integrity – ethics, citizenship, leadership and economy.

According to Brand Finance, 67% of the companies' value comes from intangible assets, such as reputation and knowledge (human capital).

According to Leporati, the brands that have a local discourse that identify the country's values ​​and are committed are those who have a better reputation than advertising and marketing. The ethical commitment in their actions gives them a power that other companies do not own.

Simplicity and proximity

And among the best signatures, at number 2, Dr. Simis pharmacy, an organization that has presence in several municipalities throughout Chile and which, as analyzed by the advertising expert, What you do not spend on advertising or decorating your stores transfers it at better prices.

And much of its value lies in the communication they make: is simple, close and fun, they try to viralize through the dance of Dr. Simi its attributes.

Recordable is the possibility where the frightening character that is furrowing in the streets fought a duel with the Ministry of Energy's corpora:

Another is the case with the best ranked, Colun, whose advertising began to focus on the commitment to Chile, engagement in the southern part of the country and commitment to local milk producers.

this strengthens the brand's reputation even more after the interaction of milk: "The local against the great transnationalities of milk", Leporati constitutes.

Look at the analysis in the attached video.

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