Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Health Commission evaluates to hold special session in plenary to review campaign against flu | national

Having known a new deadly victim of the flu on Sunday, a child from Puente Alto, Members of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies evaluate a specific session to review the implementation of the vaccination campaign.

Socialist councilor Juan Luis Castro, who is part of the body, announced it will promote a special session to analyze the implementation of the campaign and its possible intervention.

"That authority responds and clarifies, at the beginning of winter, how this campaign has intervened that has become so changed and irregular," he said.


In the same line, the National Renovation Assistant Andrés Celis was quoting a special session, to the authorities report any irregularities in the distribution of doses.

"It is extremely important to report the percentage that was vaccinated in the public health center," he said.


As for the death of the third class student at Puente Alto, the vice president of health care networks Luis Castillo indicates that antecedents are compiled about the conditions in which it occurred.

"We are waiting for you to transmit all information about it, to see if it is a result of an influenza itself or a bacterial pneumonia," he said.


At the same time, the Deputy Democratic Revolution asked Natalia Castillo the authorities to review the dose distribution, indicating that it would be important to include school communities.

"… also ensure the stock and especially the current distribution of these vaccines," he said.


Through a statement, the Ministry of Health reported that the vaccination campaign ends most successfully in recent years with coverage corresponding to 87% of the risk groups.

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