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Google is surprised to reveal the final design of the new Pixel 4

Google has advanced to Apple this time and has unveiled the final design of its new mobile brands where a dual rear camera stands out.

Google has surprisingly revealed the new designs for the renewal of the range pixel 4 for this year in high range.

It was through the Twitter account @madebygoogle that the company shared a striking tweet where it was observed that the new version of the highly anticipated Pixel will have a design of lenses in the square rear camera, which allows us to understand that at least this mobile phone will have two or more lenses.

In addition, you can see that the LED flash will be in the central part of the square, except that in the upper part of it there is something that can be defined as a spectral sensor, as if it is true will be an aggregate in the photographic section that many users will appreciate.

Google is surprised to reveal the final design of the new Pixel 4

Google and the expected Pixel 4

Recall that on May 7, the company made two new models of the Pixel family, the already known 3rd and 3rd XL, high average range devices that have quite striking specifications that always stand out in the camera's part, saying the company usually dominates constantly .

However, one of the great surprises that Google has shown at this time is the integration of a large square camera that we can clearly take advantage of that this new generation of Pixel will finally have two lenses in the back.

In addition, some Twitter users say the Mountain View company has advanced to Apple this year and wanted to publish the back of their future Pixel before Apple, which will obviously use a fairly similar model in the renewal of the Iphone XS and XR.

Google is surprised to reveal the final design of the new Pixel 4

Speculations on Pixel

The well-known Twitter speculator @ Jonleaks has released a series of pictures where you can see some details of the alleged final design that will have the new Pixel 4, which is quite similar to various designs of the adopted Iphone 11.

Google is expected to officially launch the renewal of its flagship in mid-October this year, but during the remaining time, the company itself will be responsible for revealing more secrets about its new entity, just as it has done before. this time

Another detail that we can notice when looking at the pictures is the lack of a fingerprint reader in the back, which can give us clues that maybe The company has made the decision to take the leap to integrate the sensor inside the screen, according to current times.

Google is surprised to reveal the final design of the new Pixel 4

No bevels are better

The filter SlashLeaks has pointed out in an illustration recently published that the new version of the Google phone will integrate a hole in the screen where they will be inside two front cameras, much like what happens with the Samsung Galaxy S10.

This would result in the next Pixel 4 having very few screen windows, which means that the proportion of this based on the front is positive and with this, very few edges on the front. In addition, the new Google mobile is expected to integrate dual SIM card capacity, which would be quite useful.

Finally, there are many rumors about the renewal of the Google Mobile family, but now it was The company is responsible for clearing some doubts about its design, for everything else, We can only wait until October and pay attention to any other filtering that may occur at any time.

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