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Google hires engineers to make chips in Bengaluru

Reuters media publishes it Google employed more than a dozen engineers microchips in Bengaluru, India. But with that, it doesn't seem to be happy and that's what it says In the short term, it plans to expand this fleet.

According to search profiles on LinkedIn, the world's most famous search engine company intends to expand its construction program potato chips.

While Google refused to comment on this issue, it is estimated that at least 16 engineering veterans and four talent recruits have been hired. for his team called gChips. It consists of former members of Qualcomm, Broadcom and Nvidia; including.

Jim McGregor, who follows the semiconductor industry for Tirias Researchcommented the following:

Everyone tries to keep things close to home when they start, but when they reach a certain level of success, they must expand.

That statement would serve as a rationale for the cause and interest that Mountain View is trying to grow in another territory.

Rajat Bhargava was a member of Intel and Broadcom, however now sees itself as Google's "silicon site leader" in Bangalore.

The big G is expected can rent a total / maximum of 80 people during this year for these positions.

The idea would be to work together – as far as possible – with the plant potato chips of Silicon Valley to test and perfect these small devices before they are sent to device manufacturers.

Pixel Watch 100% Google?

If anything we just mentioned, we are considering the recent acquisition of the Fossil technical sector those of healthy pichai can present us with a SmartWatch one hundred percent made by themselves.

It is would include software – Carrying OS by Google – until hardware, with the processor as a key element to optimize. That is, it would not be necessary to resort to other options such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100, just to give an example.

The smart watch would be called Pixel Watch, and it comes with an improved control method for this type of wearables. Just as Apple has its digital crown in Apple Watch and Samsung has the rotating edge, the internet giant bet on a touch sensitive edge similar to Misfit Steam (one SmartWatch of fossil 2017). What the company is looking for is to perfect this last mechanism and provide a good user experience.

That's why Google's job seems to have a lot of logic behind, more than one would think in the first place. In addition, we cannot rule out that they manufacture chipsets for other products of his, such as the new Pixel, smart speakers and any other product that comes to mind.

Sources: Reuters – Phone Arena

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