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Google became romantic! Watch your special doodle for Valentine's Day

Google He became more romantic than ever! And this is it February 14 The internet giant obviously went to the celebration of many places in the world and launched one doodle very tender in connection with Valentine's Day.

In the search engine's greeting for this special date, Google states that "there are many ways to celebrate this day, February 14 is about one thing: the universal and undeniable power of love."

"Love comes in all shapes and sizes, or even in nature! Think of the love animals found in today's doodle, "they pointed out from the Menlo Park company in California.

"Irresistibly attracted to each other, they will twist, beat and twist the net through any obstacle to expressing their eternal devotion," added impregnated with love from Google's offices.

For that reason, the most famous search engine decided on the planet start an animated doodle, where you can observe small insects (worms, vaquitas de San Antonio and spiders) pair and form the hearts, making it clear that love can occur even in the smallest creatures.

Who was Saint Valentine and why is he the saint of love?

Known for being a priest of the third century in Rome, Valentine fought against Emperor Claudius II, who was not serving for marriage, because he believed a soldier without a band would be more useful.

This celebration of love is celebrated from the 5th century and it expanded around the world, to the point it is today celebrated in almost every country, mostly in devotion to Christianity. Although the date is not usually the same in all places.

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