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Goodbye to the nutrition pyramid: Harvard plate is a benchmark for a healthy diet – 06/29/2019

The paradise for healthy eating is under scrutiny. the nutritious pyramid taught in schools and colleges for decades have been lost and now nutritionists They have replaced it with the term "plate". This answers obesity. In 2016, alleviated by international studies, four out of 10 people were overweight and almost two out of 10 were overweight.

It recently revealed Harvard dish It is considered the new nutrient pyramid. Prepared by the staff of the Public Health School of the American University, it suggests that half of what we eat per day is vegetables and fruits. The other half is divided into whole grains like hell, quinoa, brown rice, among others (which has a more moderate effect on blood sugar and insulin than white bread and white rice) and healthy proteins – fish, chicken, legumes and nuts.

In addition, it suggests that The water is the main drink, although it also accepts tea and coffee; while incorporating healthy oils such as olive oil, canola, corn or sunflower to the detriment of partially hydrogenated oils.

The main message of the dish is to choose from where carbohydrates come from: vegetables (other than potatoes because of their negative effect on blood sugar), fruit, whole grains and legumes.

In addition, it places particular emphasis on avoiding sweet drinks, reducing dairy products to two servings a day and limiting red meat consumption.

How well does the Uruguayan know this new nutrition pattern?

olive oil
Olive oil Photo: Archive El País.

Uruguayan dish.

"I have patients who do not cook and tell things that they do not so that there is no smell of churrasco in the house, for example. It is complicated because people think of food from another place and that we must change it," he. Florence Köncke, specialist in childhood nutrition. With this introduction, it is difficult to know Harvard's plate or what is considered "the Uruguayan dish".

At national level, Ministry of Public Health (MSP) developed a Uruguayan Healthy Eating Guide which suggests some parameters similar to Harvard's plate but with products obtained on the national market.

Köncke explained to El País that nutritious pyramid It has been abusive because it proposed a system that was not easy to transfer to the citizens' food.

"The new model says that we do not eat from a pyramid but from a dish and the idea is how these foods are taken to a real dish," said the specialist.

The guide, prepared by MSP, was published in 2016 and aims to understand how to eat healthy. "It does not go to the nutrient, but notes, for example, that we must eat some of such meat, combine it in one way or another," says Köncke.

The document is available online and is mainly based on natural foods or those that are treated minimally – which would be the case with milk. In addition, it is suggested that processed foods and especially ultra-processed ones stop being on the Uruguayan table daily.

"The idea is that the population stops eating from a package and goes to buy products with less processing and cook them at home," he said.

On the other hand, Koncke indicates that a major problem is that people choose what is being treated for a comfort issue. However, this has a negative impact on your health. This can affect weight problems, obesity and other diseases related to poor diet.

The change in value.

The change in diet goes through a change in lifestyle; one that aims to give food a primordial place through a recovery of the homemade and natural; while trying to eliminate surpluses and refined products.

The specialist noted that one of the biggest problems with healthy eating or that the Uruguayan Harvard plate was adopted is linked to water consumption, which should be crucial at any table.

Water. Salus.
Water consumption is most important in any healthy diet. Photo: Archive

"In adults, the consumption of soft drinks is very common, but what is even more troubled is in young children. One in five does not drink water, but refreshment," he warned.

On the other hand, as in the case of the Harvard Plate, control of dairy products is reduced twice a day. "Before we saw that there were people who consumed dairy too much, something like anything that exceeds may be harmful to health," he told El País.

In the case of red meat, recent studies by the American Cancer Society show that excess is associated with this disease. However, consumption in a certain part and alternately with other types of meat is considered healthy.

Uruguayan habits pose a problem, according to the doctor: "If you do not put some meat on the plate, they feel they are not eating."

Another interesting point weighed up by the guide is about white flour: "When we consume refined flour, that is, products such as bread, pasta and cakes, for example, we only consume the inside of the grain and lose what is fiber. be ideal that we consume the integrated products to preserve the contribution that also contains minerals, says Koncke. In this line, the specialist suggested that wheat bran can be added.

This guide saves the values ​​of traditional homemade: "A little is based on the cooking of our grandmother," he said.

Eating healthy is not a synonym for eating expensive

Thanks to the smart basket on the model market, it is easier to know which fruits and vegetables are seasonal, which can be purchased at lower prices. Eating healthy doesn't have to be a synonym for spending more money. According to data from the model market, between June 18 and July 1, the most available fruits and vegetables are green onions, orange, mandarin, kabutiá squash, cabbage, celery leaves, potatoes, leeks and pecan. The ideal is to look for them at fairs and groceries for their freshness.

The keys to the Uruguayan healthy food guide

WHO recommends the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables, but warns of threats due to poor hygiene of these foods. Photo: El País

Good breakfast The day should start with a good breakfast. The MSP guide shows that it is today's most important meal and offers good breakfast options such as: tea with milk, whole bowl, butter and two plums. It also emphasizes milk products.

Don't skip the meals. The main dishes such as breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner should not be transferred under any circumstances as they will affect our energy and the desire to feed on unhealthy products.

More vegetables The vegetables are a central part of the "Uruguayan dish", which is why the guide suggests that they be added in all preparations: for example, if you make a meat stew with onions, peppers, sweet potatoes or squash. In this way, the food becomes more complete.

Cooking at home Making your own food is one of the basic values ​​that saves the guide because it means we know what we eat and that it will have less preservatives and chemicals. In addition, you try to save traditional recipes from families.

Physical activity "Healthy, shared and enjoyable eating and the usual exercise of physical activity are pillars of well-being," says the MSP guide. The focus is clear on what a healthy life entails.

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