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Four women die every day from breast cancer: 3 tips for early diagnosis | Society

Breast cancer became the first cause of death in women with oncological diseases in Chile, but fortunately, a great deal can be detected early.

According to figures from the Ministry of Health, it is only estimated 36% of women in our country have a mammogram every three years, and while Chile has made progress in preventative education for women, much remains to be done.

Early diagnosis of this disease is crucial. Doing so early can lower mortality and alter the course of the tumor. "When one finds cancer less than one centimeter without axillary involvement, the survival rate is very high, more than 94% and decreases to 60% or less depending on the condition of the patient." notes Dr. Lorena Gutiérrez, breast specialist at Laboratorio Blanco.

Here are your three tips for early diagnosis:

1.- Perform a mammogram periodically

Although women are more responsible than men when it comes to going to the doctor, there is still no clear training on mammography. "It is an X-ray taken in two projections of the chest, where a compression is made to spread the tissue a little and look through it if there are any injuries," explains Gutiérrez. It is also important to note that The sample is very fast and generally does not generate much discomfort.

Have a mammogram regularly, once a year for women over 40 years of age, is the first council when talking about early detection of breast cancer. "It is very important to do a periodic survey, not when you already have something, but in a preventive way to find small things," Gutiérrez says.

2. Self-investigation

Preventive mammography is not the only way to detect breast cancer, there are several symptoms that can be identified by simple steps that can be done at home and it takes no more than five minutes. "The palpation, it Moving a lump in the chest is generally one of the signs; the change in skin color, skin extract, bleeding from the nipple or lesions in the armpit they are the changes that you have to look out for every day, "adds the specialist.

3. – Healthy Eating

There are risk factors and behaviors that can be seen to prevent the development of cancer. The Health Secretariat states that Unhealthy food is responsible for about 30% of the cancer in the industrialized countries and 20% in developing countries.

In breast cancer, sedentary lifestyle affects between 20 and 30% in the development of this disease. Obesity is another risk factor. In view of this, the specialist recommends Lorena Gutierrez "Consume foods of plant origin containing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers."

On the previous one, he warns that "we still need to educate women on the realization of mammography, a study that can effectively change the course of life, as it alters the mortality of breast cancer.

Since 2014, the right for women over 40 years to a half-day has been included with permission to get mammograms to be included in the work code, which aims to promote preventive care for this disease.

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