Sunday , October 2 2022

Fortnite is updated to version 6.31: this is all new features –


One more day, Fortnite has been updated to a new version. This time it's about version 6.31, which contains some interesting news.

We will leave you with the information that Epic Games shares:


Throw into the fun with a whole new limited time or take advantage of the new odds in the sliding shotgun. Fold out R.O.S.I.E. with the debut of a new construction company and enjoy the arrival of Valle Latona's second action!

MTL: Team Scrimmage (Battle Royale)
Everything ready for the hekatomben! Be the first team to eliminate 100 enemies to achieve mastery victory in this limited time.


Epic and legendary image gallery (Battle Royale)
Discover the new odds of the sliding shotgun and make your enemies run with shotgun.




Bug fix

  • An error that caused the command to stop responding when trying to send a whisper to a friend.
  • Fixed a crash in PS4 that occurred when a player attempted to leave a group manually when they joined another.

Known issues

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