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First details of the Empire of Sin, the game of gangsters by DOOM designer

We will build our criminal empire through war fields, secret bars and casinos.

Video games about organized crime They always have a dangerously dangerous point that is very interesting for many fans, and yesterday the Sinus Empire was presented. A video game signed by Romero Games.

The study is actually commanded by Brenda Romero and John Romero, the latter head designer of authentic action classics such as Wolfenstein 3D or the original DOOM. This time, however, is investing in the genre of mixed strategy, that is, with important doses of measures.

We have to cheat, dazzle and scare to reach the highestSinet's empire is distributed by Paradox Interactive and it takes us to Chicago in the 20s, when the title exploits the background of dry layer to propose a motivation for our criminal activity. "The players have to tear off, dazzle and scare the staff to reach the top and avoid them taking power."

With strong inspirations from black film films, the game presents randomly generated campaign start situations so that no game is the same as the previous one. Then we have to do it adapt and survive, trying to keep our criminal empire floating while the law and other criminal families are about to happen.

We will do it through missions, but also manage our emporium of secret bars where alcohol is served (behind the law) and also casinos, as well as other activities such as fraud by trade unions and many other maneuvers that seem to have been taken from a gangster movie.

The fight, as it usually happens at these times, develops in a style of turn-based struggle, although the program is strong, it is in all management decisions that include bribe the police, use the black market to gain benefits and build alliances with other bands.

Yesterday we offered you the first thriller of the Empire of Sin, as well as the estimated release date to be released on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Ms to: The Kingdom of Sinets and Romero Games.

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