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Filtran alleged price, release date and start game

Including Grand Theft Auto VI with temporary exclusivity.

Now that the announcement of the new consoles Sony and Microsoft is approaching, rumors of the features have emerged, and today we have an anonymous user of Pastebin published information on PlayStation 5 who have given up on what to talk on the network (via Comic book).

The informant claims that he has received information from a European developer working with a title for PlayStation 5 and among the things that reveal it is the departure date, the price and the games available at the launch of the new Sony console.

Price and start date for PlayStation 5

To begin, he says The PS5 will be launched in 2020 (as mentioned in previous reports) and that it will have a price of $ 500 dollars, it is $ 100 more expensive than the price PlayStation 4 had at the start.

This price seems feasible given PS4 Pro's current price, and yet Sony is said to lose up to USD 100 per system at the beginning.

Possible properties

It is mentioned that the PS5 would be retro-compatible, which will contain a 2TB hard drive, support for scaling to 8K, it would be compatible with a new version of the PlayStation VR headset, it would include the new DualShock 5 which will apparently have a integrated camera and a version will be offered. premium on PlayStation Plus.

Start games

On the games we could see when the new PlayStation becomes available, the same information officer says that the console will follow with titles such as Gran Turismo 7, a 4K remastering of PUBG exclusively for PS5, The Last of Us Part II, a remastering of Ghost of Tsushima, Battlefield Bad Company 3, the filtered Harry Potter game, the new Assassin's Creed set with a Viking theme and Grand Theft Auto VI.

Of course, GTA VI, by the way, says it would be exclusive to PlayStation for a month.

So good you must definitely take this with caution, as they are simple rumors, but it is expected to be this year when the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles are finally announced.

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