Friday , December 3 2021

Facebook provided personal information to users of companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Microsoft


Follow the controversies with the handling of personal information from Facebook users and are as described New York Times, the platform He shared more personal information than was known by various companies like Microsoft, Amazon and Netflix.

According to the American media, they were given access to a large number of documents in the company where it can be observed from the company Mark Zuckerberg shared data without user consent, to generate its business model through advertising.

Among the details is that Facebook-authorized Bing, a Microsoft search engine, to see the names of friendswhile In the case of Netflix and Spotify, they allowed to read the user's private messages.

As mentioned, Steve Satterfield, Director of Integrity and Public Policy for Facebook, said that none of its partners violated users' integrity and noted that "we know we have work to gain confidence in the people".

From Netflix, they referred to the controversy in the statements collected world, and point out that "In no way did we access private messages from people on Facebook, and we did not ask for the opportunity to do that. "

According to The New York Times About 150 companies benefited from these agreements.

Among these are also Amazon, who had access to the users' names and contact information for users and Yahoo who saw publications of friends.

This is another in the long list of controversies in which Mark Zuckerberg's social networking has been involved, primarily because of the users' privacy issues and the false news circulating through it.

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