Friday , December 3 2021

"Everyone thinks I'm a Everton, but I'm a Colo Colo fan."


In 2013, when he adopted the red sub 20, the master heard that there was no doubt that it was Oro y Cielo, but he responded clearly. Big influence had his grandfather Alfredo Saieg.

Mario Salas left rugby to devote 100 percent to football and in 1988 he made his debut in Everton, from his native Viña del Mar. His regularity enabled him to reach Unión Española and then he joined the Colo Colo in 1995, in a team full of stars that would conquer a three-hour championship and a Copa Libertadore semifinal.

But even though he grew up in the garden city, his feelings were always far away. Specifically, in Monumental, with Colo Colo.

In an interview he went to the Ciudad de Deporte site in 2013, when he took over Roja Sub 20, Comandante responded clearly when he learned that "He was a fan of Everton without a doubt."

Video | Mario Salas sings "Master there is only one" in the Monumental.

"I'm a Colo Colo fan, everyone who thinks I'm Evertonian. My grandfather Alfredo Saieg gave me his love for Colo as a child"he related

Of course, he pointed to it "Of course, because of all that Everton gave me, I feel a huge love and affection for the club. In Everton, I made my debut as a player and I was a technical assistant to Nelson Acosta 2009 when we were in Copa Libertadores. I also worked in their smaller divisions. "

Salas is the leading candidate for the Colo Colo Bank and when its participation with Sporting Cristal in Decentralized of Peru ends, it is necessary to listen to the offer of black and white.

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