Monday , December 6 2021

Epic Games wants to end traps and leaks of news in Fortnite


And if the company wants this to be a game that continues to grow, on the side it should try to eliminate fraudulent use of the same, that is, the traps, something that has already been shown by several movements realized these months back and when it stops happening again. At the same time, another of the measures the company is now trying to avoid filtering the news that the game will hand in hand in future updates, something that has happened in some cases so far.

Thus, it has recently been possible to know that a new filter of said game Fortnite known as FNBRLeaks, has closed their accounts in social networks and in GitHub after receiving a letter and discontinuing one of his own lawyers Epic Games. The fact is in Twitter Some last tweets were published before they disappeared where it was explained, at least in part, that due to the request of an epic playwoman, his Twitter accounts, Discord, YouTube, Instagram and GitHub, should be eliminated, otherwise action will be taken, he wrote Preston, owner of FNBRLeaks.

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Epic games take care of, and much, of the "health" of Fortnite avoids its addiction

But and later, those in charge successful title, this action not only depends on leaks performed in advance on the news that would extinguish game by this user. At the same time, they would clarify that request from cessation of operations It also depends on the owner of these accounts promoted and announced the sale of modification tools of the game, which violates the terms of Epic.

At the same time, in the notice letter published, it can be read that reference is made both to leakage of new, on the promotion of tool to do traps in the game. Of course, we must remember that even if the FNBRLeaks social accounts have been closed, their website At the moment it is still active.

With all this, the company is responsible for the game aimed at, on the one hand, to avoid the use of third party software harmful in Fortnite, while filtering future news in next update as some users extract from themselves game code, which has happened several times before.

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