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El Urbano Rural – The health authorities are launching the vaccination campaign against influenza

In the family health center # 2 in Rancagua, the health authorities, led by Health SEREMI, gave Dr. Rafael Borgoño, the path to the vaccination campaign against the 2019 flu year, which has the slogan "Put your shoulder to winter. Get vaccinated against the flu."

This immunization is free for the target group: children between 6 months and 5 years 11 months 29 days; adults over 65 years of age chronically ill pregnant from 13 weeks gestation poultry and hatchery workers; health care workers among other local priorities.

For the O & # 39; Higgins region, 300,000 doses were available that could be inoculated into family and private health centers that conform to the Ministry of Health, for example, in Rancagua, can go to the vaccines from Fusat Clinical Hospital, Ismedical Clinic, Red Salud Clinic, Megasalud; in San Fernando in the Neumann & Bertín vaccine, Integral Center of Nursing and Vaccination Sentinel; in Rengo Centro Médico Vida Rengo.

Health SEREMI, Dr. Rafael Borgoño, commenting that "one of the main responsibilities of President Sebastian Piñera's government is prevention, with vaccines as an important tool in public health, therefore, the call to risk groups is that in our region they are close to 300,000, they approach health centers and are immunized as soon as possible. as possible, so we can prevent the flu and have a good winter. "

For his part, the director of the Health Director, Dr. Daniela Zavando, that "vaccines have already been distributed throughout the healthcare network in the region, so all our centers are prepared to receive the communities that are at risk groups. I urge social leaders to help us inform about the vaccine against the flu."

"All of our family health centers and community centers are ready to receive our users, as well as the target group of some Isapre or other health forecasts". The director of the health department of CORMUN in Rancagua, José Antonio Cavieres, underlined.

What complications in human health can the flu have?

Influenza can lead to severe complications such as pneumonia due to various agents and can exacerbate existing health problems. It can cause shortness of breath, diarrhea and seizures in children. Thousands of people die each year in the world because of the flu and many require hospitalization. To prevent the above mentioned conditions, annual vaccination against these viruses is required.

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