Monday , December 6 2021

Dominican hospitals earn thousands of people because of flu | people


Dominican hospitals are crowded Wednesday with people suffering from fever and flu, mainly children and the elderly.

The Directorate-General for Epidemiology reported that 52,200 cases were treated with respiratory diseases on the highways and 11,375 lowways and reached 215,856 in the last four weeks.

According to local media, the children and the elderly are the most affected by the virus, and in this regard, the authorities asked the population to be vaccinated to avoid unfortunate events.

The three influenza viruses circulating in the country are influenza A H1N1, influenza B and respiratory syncytial, the latter affecting primarily children under five years.

Currently, Robert Reid Cabrals Children's Hospital has occupied all their beds, and there are patients waiting for space to be treated for flu and other diseases.

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