Tuesday , June 28 2022

Dollar in Chile today – Diario Financiero


In today's first transactions, the exchange rate is quoted at $ 687.5, which is an increase of USD 2.7 compared with the end of yesterday.

On the upside, the week began the dollar in Chile following the strengthening of the North American currency on a global level before the doubts that arise with Brexit.

In today's first operations, the exchange rate It is quoted at $ 687.5, which is an increase of $ 2.7 compared to yesterday's closing.

The day began with a strengthening of the dollar at the international level in the wake of turmoil in Europe. Between the uncertainty surrounding Brexit in Britain and the budget of the Italian government, the euro losing 0.71% of its value.

Given the importance of the European currency in the Dollar Index curve, the US currency will increase 0.5% globally by this hour.

On the copper side, which tends to move the needle on the metal market, it works stable at this time in the futures market in New York. This weak rise is probably linked to taking positions after the aggressive cases last week, local actors say.

Looking forward to the news of the commercial war, especially if China and the United States succeed in reaching an agreement could break with the bad spelling copper has been living in recent months.

During the week, the market will also pay attention to inflation data in the US, which can shift expectations about how fast the interest rate rises with the Federal Reserve.

Monetary normalization in the world's leading economy is one of the factors that has driven dollar car globally in 2018.

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