Sunday , May 26 2019
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Dollar in Chile today

After closing yesterday at $ 670, the exchange rate ended operations at $ 669.0 while most new currencies landed the dollar.

On a day in which the global environment favors the most risky currencies, the main currencies of the emerging world against the dollar rise among a renewed optimism for the negotiations on China and the United States.

And the Chilean peso was no exception. The exchange rate ended the day at $ 669.0, which is a decrease of $ 2.4 from yesterday's closing.

Currently, the global dollar price, measured by the dollar index, contrasts with a basket of currencies, with a fall of 0.22%, while the majority of new currencies receive land.

In addition, the Chilean peso is operated for an advance in the price of copper, which aims to reduce the loss on the forward market with an advance of 0.6%. The on-site market closed the industrial metal session on the London Metal Exchange at $ 2.9075 per pound, with a minimum gain of 0.02%.

The key to the morning is in China, where the government announced new tax cuts and a law that will equalize the treatment of domestic and foreign companies, one of the demands of the United States in the negotiation of an agreement to end the trade war.

From the market, this signal interpreted by Beijing is trying to facilitate an agreement with the North American country, leading them to end the customs dispute which has caused havoc in global markets since March last year.

With today's results, the exchange rate changed a fall of $ 2.5 compared to last Friday's closing, break with the two weekly increases previously recorded.

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