Tuesday , August 16 2022

Diablo 4 is under development under the code name "Fenris" | Diablo IV | Blizzard | Video game


During Blizzcon 2018 it was presented Immortal devil A video game exclusive for Android and iOS. This announcement came during the business cycle, where users cry out for a new part of the story.

Well, we bring you good news. Diablo 4 if it is in development, and has been on the increase for at least 2 years. This was confirmed Jason Schreier in his latest research in Kotaku website. He says the project Hades terminated in 2019 and after departure of Josh Mosqueira, leader of the development team, was decided to strengthen the efforts in the launch of Rise of the Necromancer of Diablo 3.

From there they decided that it was time to develop the fourth part of the franchise. The process of project "Fenris"would focus on" embracing the darkness "as he did in his day Diablo 2. The workers of snowstorm which appears in the research work decided to remain anonymous in order to avoid reprisals.

At the moment, they seem to be in an early stage of development, as they continue to evaluate including parts of Hades and the camera in the third person. We enclose full report so you judge yourself

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