Saturday , October 1 2022

Critics raining David Beckham for this photo with his daughter


David Beckham He could well pass for an exemplary father for his four children, although a photograph along with his daughter, as he himself uploaded on his Instagram account, has set him as a target for criticism from the virtual community. The football star seems to kiss some Harper on their lips while they were skipping. Christmas is coming, it's the message that comes with it.

But the image did not generate the excitement as expected and many have criticized the fact that the athlete kissed her little daughter in her mouth because they think it is incorrect. "Why are you kissing?" Asked a surfer. While another said, "This is not right!" Another intervention, "Rare: It's unsuitable for a dad to kiss his children on his lips, but on the forehead / cheeks it's nice".

Meanwhile, a former partner to David I came out in his defense. Tom Brady commented under the photo: "Dad and daughter, how cute!" It should be recalled that the Marshal has made the same criticism that Victor's husband because at the beginning of the year he was shown together with the eldest of his children for 10 years, kissing him on his lips during an episode of his Facebook series, Tom Vs. Time.

Like the image of Beckham, the moment attracted mixed answers online. "Everyone questioned Tom Brady to kiss his son on his lips and as a son of European donkeys who does, he was ready to defend, but boy, oh boy, that kiss is delayed," wrote a woman at that moment

"The one who feels it is not appropriate for Tom Brady to kiss his 11-year-old son should stop thinking," said another person. "All I see is a loving father … and the last time I checked it was good," he added.

The other athletes also intervened in tirade including NFL Hall of Fame member Willie Roaf who explained TMZ: "You will not do it … I have no problem with it … I do not think it's so important".

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