Friday , November 27 2020

Create 3D version of Among Us available for VR

Despite its obvious simplicity, Among Us has become one of video games right now. Although the InnerSloth proposal appeared in 2018, it was not until this year that the game reached great popularity.

The number of followers is so large that some of them have bothered to create customizations and other types of versions.

This is the case with a virtual reality developer called Jar who has created an original three-dimensional version that gives users the opportunity for a more “concrete” picture of the story that identifies the game.

Its playable and multiplayer version has been well received by fans of the game, especially for the possibilities it offers and which includes all the tasks and missions in the game, as well as astronaut avatars that now finally look more human thanks to 3D perspectives.

This version was created through VRChat, a social platform that allows users of virtual reality to interact with each other and create a wide range of games.

For this adaptation, its creators recommend using VR viewers for PCs, this allows, for example, that the tasks of connecting cables and pulling levers, as well as other actions, can now be performed by hand.

But for those who do not yet have this technology, they can also enjoy this original recreation without the special viewer.

If you are interested, you can enjoy this VR version of Among Us at this link.

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