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China opens research on genetically modified children – international


China opens research on genetically modified children

The message provoked a wave of criticism from the world's scientific community, even in the researcher's own center.

China He ordered a survey to verify claims from a Chinese scientist claiming that he has created the first genetically modified babies in history, an act described as "madness" by many researchers.

Han Jiankui, a professor at the University of Shenzhen, in Guangdong Province (South), announced in a YouTube video on YouTube the birth "a few weeks ago" of two twin girls whose DNA was modified to make them more resistant to the virus. AIDS.

"We have asked the health ministers in Guangdong Province to immediately open a thorough investigation to determine the facts," the National Health Commission responded on Monday evening and said "giving great importance" to this issue.

He Jiankui's announcement announced a wave of criticism from the world's scientific community, including at the researcher's own center, the University of Science and Technology of the South, who approved him and declared "deeply shocked".

The geneticist, educated at Stanford University in the United States, who runs a special laboratory on the genome in Shenzhen, explains that he used the CRISPR / Cas9 technology, "genesis". It allows to remove and replace unwanted parts of the genome, as if correction of a fonts in a computer.

The twins Lulu and Nana were born after in vitro fertilization from modified embryos prior to implantation in the mother's uterus.

This self-proclaimed medical scoop has not been confirmed because the results of the Chinese team were not published in a scientific journal.

More than 100 Chinese researchers, primarily biologists and doctors, expressed their regret in a statement "a madness," which is "a major blow to the global reputation and development of biomedical research in China."

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