Saturday , September 18 2021

Chile breaks its own brands at the start of six days

An unprecedented result was obtained by the Chileans Ruy Barbosa Jr. (Husqvarna) and Benjamin Herrera (Beta) placed them in eleventh and thirteenth place in the general classification of Day 1 in the 93th edition of International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE)), contested in the northern sector of Viña del Mar. In the box by selection, Junior Red was fourth and the World Trophy was placed sixth.

The test was won by American Taylor Robert (KTM) with 54 minutes 22 seconds 61 hundred for the 37.6 kilometer special. The second overall position was for Australian Daniel Sanders (Husqvarna) who reached 19 seconds 39 hundred of the leader. Third was his compatriot Daniel Milner (KTM) at 27 "21/100. With these results, the oceans were second in the World Trophy. First, the United States.

Ruy Barbosa (11th) came to the last point in 1 minute 16 seconds 37 hundred of the winner. Benjamin Herrera (13) was 1'26 "04; Leo Quintanilla (29 °) to 1'38" 32; and Diego Rojas (40 °) to 2 "16" 27.

What has been done by Barbosa, 19, recently crowned Junior Champion enduro motorcycle, has been the best performance despite a decline in the special 4, out of a total of 6, which delayed a few seconds. The Chilean players performances are the most prominent in the 18 national team teams in the six days, along with Jeremiah Israel's performance in La Serena 2007.

"Hard day for me because I started from behind, which hurt me because of the dust that was raised with the past of my predecessors. In each special, I gave my life because I did not see anything. The best part is that we are fourth as one team and I won Alex Salvini 50 euros in a bet for who came better, says Ruy Barbosa on arrival at Marga Marga Paddock.

The Tricolor youth team, also compiled by Diego Herrera (Husqvarna) 51 ° and Esteban Lanz (Honda) 54 °, came out of the way of the conviction of getting the podium of teams at the end of the race when it ends on Saturday 17, which should now He is about 2 minutes from its predecessors for Herrera and Lanz's positions, but there are still five days of competition.

As far as the adult choice is concerned, the best is Talquino Benjamín Herrera (Beta), which arrived 13 °. Further behind were his teammates Leonardo Quintanilla (KTM) 29th Diego Rojas (Kawasaki) 40, and Gabriel Balut (Yamaha) 75th. With these results, Chile was ranked sixth in the World Trophy dispute to "20" 02 " of the Americans.

In the Women Trophy category, the Curia ranked Tania González (Husqvarna) 15th. Their teammates Betariz Angulo (KTM) and Karol Marín (KTM) scored 24 and 26 places respectively and left the national team in the ninth position.

Day 2 is considering the same circuit on Monday with six special offers for the cities Pantanal, Valle Alegre and Santa Julia (Dunlop), with a total of 37.6 kilometers, starting at 8:00 from Paddock in Marga Marga mouth, in front of the Higgins Hotel .

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