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Celebs celebrates Héctor Morales and Helénia Melán Glamorama

Author: C. Z. / 17 April 2019

"No photo can contain joy and support that this man has given me last time … Love does not have time for ignorance, goodbye".

With this phrase, along with 10 pictures, Helénia Melán wanted to pay tribute to Hector Morales, his partner.

Last week, Glamorama he just published the romance between the actor and the model. Morales openly admitted the relationship and said they were "happy". -READ TO NOTE

Later, both responded to the bad wave in social networks. "While some talk and hate, I have real love, you ignorant people," wrote Helénia on Instagram.

"I am impressed by the people's good vibes and the not so cool wave too. I think it's a country that is very sick and I think it needs a lot of help," says Morales in an interview with intruders.

And love continues to flow. Helénia published a series of Instagram images that generated great interaction, with more than 51,000 "likes" and hundreds of comments. Many of them from celebrities and influencers who celebrated their love:

Kel Calderón: "Power pairs (powerful pair)"

Vesta Lugg: "The last photo … happy baby's"

Nicole Putz: "Long life love … The best couple! Beautiful Hellenia"

Felipe Braun: "What beautiful pictures! Love the two!"

Angela Prieto: "I love them. Good couple Live love. And respect"

Toarii Valantin: "Love wins (love triumphs)"

Valentina Dávila: "What a beautiful thing … very, very love, bbs".

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