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Castilla y Leon, a pioneer to incorporate the Men ACWY vaccine into its calendar


DIARIOFARMA | 16.12.2018 – 21:48

Castilla y León will be the first autonomous community that will include the tetravalent meningitis in ACWY in its vaccination calendar. The Ministry of Health in Castile and León has approved an order approved by the official calendar for systematic vaccinations throughout the life of people in Castile and Leon, where the main innovation is the introduction of this immunization.

Thus, the immunization schedule for this community, in addition to the benefits of the joint vaccination schedule, approved by the Interregional Council of the National Health System (CISNS) on November 15, 2018, considers polyvalent vaccines with an extended range of protection against meningococcal meningitis and human papilloma virus.

In this calendar, which comes into force in 2019, adjustments to the epidemiological situation of the Community have been taken into account. And in this regard, in meningitis, conjugated vaccines containing serogroups "Y and W" will be used at 12 months and 12 years. This is because there were no cases until five years ago in society, but now they show an emerging pattern in our country.

The second news of the calendar regarding human papillomavirus is that it is decided that vaccines containing nine genotypes of this virus will be used for vaccination by girls at the age of 12. More specifically, it says in the text that it has to be immunized with vaccines containing types 31 and 52, as they are four times more frequent than those in the bivalent and tetravalent vaccines in Castile and León, they argue in order.

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