Friday , December 3 2021

Businessmen expect to open "Martín Fierro" after a fire as soon as possible


On Friday, the summer season began in a common way between the municipalities of La Serena and Coquimbo. Unfortunately, the Tourist Federation has had a blow yesterday to be affected by a fire, one of its most important gastronomy venues, as it is Martin Fierro's restaurant.

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It had been a normal night where two events had taken place in the premises of Calle Hortensia Bustamante 3560, which lasted until after. 2.30 on saturday morning. The site was closed every day by its employees, but an emergency call at about 4 in the morning warned the managers that something bad happened in the facilities at the famous barbecue area.

The flames began to appear through the ceiling and were observed far from, the neighbors reported firefighters who arrived quickly and for more than 2 hours and that the fire would have started in the kitchen sector which resulted in serious damage affecting in addition to some warehouses and offices.

Volunteers injured

Ángelo Pizarro, Deputy Mayor of La Serena Fire Department, said that it would have consumed 50%.

He also pointed out that two firefighters volunteers during the work to control the flames were injured, electrolyzed and the other led a cut on his face. Both are stable despite the severity of their injuries.

As for the causes of the fire, Pizarro said that "delivering a basic cause is very risky, as it is not yet fully controlled. Firefighters are working to establish their origins."

Trasandino businessman owner of the premises preferred not to give statements to the press affected by the situation, but his administrator Patricio Vrsalovic did so, he regretted the situation and stated that the flames left important injuries in the operational part of the premises.

"Everything that cooks, cameras, offices, warehouses, lounges and bathrooms came down. They are important injuries for material damage, the best thing is that they were not registered injured persons except for a fireman who got an electrical discharge"

Vrsalovic said they hope to be operational again in a month to meet the summer season.

"It was a very bad time for such tragedies to happen. The staff in Martín Fierro and the owner Gustavo Redolfi are very committed to the matter so we have all the desire and the strength to come before this tragedy."

The administrator confirmed that although the dining rooms were not affected by the flames, they led the smoke and action of the water used to extinguish the fire.

"All the operational part that produces food and that's where all we have as prestige is produced is what was destroyed."

Examination of fact

Regarding the origin of the fire, the trustee confirms that they are still unsure of how the flames were initiated and that they will wait for the fire department report on the issue.

"We had two events in the evening and we closed at 2.30 and it was supposed to start at 4 o'clock in the morning. There was no grill on, all the lights off, all in order. Everything left there every night, it seems very strange for us what happened, the fire brigade works to find where the accident began and determine the cause "

The person responsible for the premises points out that there are talented insurance and that they currently have no damage caused by the flames.

"We have not been able to enter the premises, so we can not handle how much damage or numbers we are going to deliver, they are millionaires, but it depends on what we can evaluate when firefighters finish all their investigations."

Vrsalovic indicated that it is a commitment for the staff to continue working and they are equally willing to help.

"We are about 45 people working here, they are waiting for everyone to come in and start cleaning the walls immediately, get up and take this forward. Gustavo is a very serious businessman, so the job is guaranteed and in a short time we hope to work again. "

On-site workers were, in turn, affected by the possible loss of their workplace, but argued that with all their efforts they would be able to lift the flourishing barbeque business.

Other entrepreneurs of the gastronomic and tourist area Avenida del Mar arrived at the site, which gave its full support to the businessman and his workers for this unexpected tragedy.


The mayor of La Serena, Robert Jacob, arrived in the morning of the event to support the gastronomic entrepreneur and his workers.

"It's very unfortunate that this happens now, firefighters do the investigation and apparently started the kitchen. We hope they can rebuild as soon as possible because we already have summer at the top. They will have to work over time. The best part is to they had insurance and it helps them in something ".

Jacob added that, from Monday, the municipality will turn to those affected by a bunch of workers and machines so that they can then clean and remove rubbish.

"We hope it will work soon, I saw the owner much intention and with much encouragement to get up as quickly as possible, which is important. Another important point is that there were no personal accidents."

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