Friday , December 3 2021

Buljubasich after the hard move for UC: "We will try to put together the best team to compete, but there are different realities"


Expresses his desire to form a competitive team, but clarifies the different realities between one team and another. This was how the sport administrator in Cruzados appointed himself, José María Buljubasich, after knowing the group where it was installed Catholic University of Copa Libertadores 2019.

"We are faced with a team like Gremio who is from Semis and it was champion last year; Rosario Central is very strong at home and will probably join Atlético Nacional, a hard opponent. It's a nice glass, I hope we can be in the height"he began explaining Tati after the dragon developed in Luque, Paraguay.

The Chilean football champion was installed in Group H with the powerful Gremio de Porto Alegre, Rosario Central where former crusader Alfonso Parot plays, plus a rival coming out of the previous stages (Boliva 3 against Libertad / Atlético Nacional vs Deportivo La Guaira-Real Garcilaso).

The 2019 edition of Copa Libertadores will present a significant increase in its awards. For each team team in the group phase, each team gets one million dollars. Consulted by that situation and through the opportunity to strengthen UC better, Buljubasich replied with measure.

"It's up to everyone, so we can all make good management. We try to put together the best team to compete, but there are different realities, Gremio is a big team, we are also, but at country level we are less"closed.

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