Saturday , October 1 2022

Brand affects three departments in the Towers of Bilbao in Las Condes


At 13:20 hours on Tuesday there was a fire in the Towers of Bilbao. The loss affected three departments. The buildings located near Francisco Bilbao and Duqueco streets are close to the Las Condes and La Reina districts.

Up to the site came at least 9 companies of firefighters who work to control the flames to avoid its propagation. Several departments were affected by smoke and combustion. The evacuation of most of the building was carried out. This would be the second fire of its kind in the Oriente sector during this month. According to information from the fire department, the fire would originate from the eighth floor.

Neighbors in the sector shared minute and minute images and videos of the event through social networks. Mayor Joaquín Lavín came to the scene as a sign of support for the affected neighbors. According to information from the mayor, on the 14th floor there was an elderly woman and an electro-dependent girl who could not get down from the place. "But they are good. Paramedics participating. And this basket of firefighters on the 13th floor evacuated 9 people," he said in his Twitter account.

The factors that started the event are still unknown. No damage was recorded.

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