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Bohemian Rhapsody ostlik but effective


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Bohemian Rhapsody is the name of the expected film that came with the premise of telling the story of the legendary singer Freddie Mercury and the fame of the rock band Queen.

Co-starring Rami Malek and directed by Bryan Singer, the film starts showing us a young mercury, who works as a luggage dealer at an airport and, after a random meeting with guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor decides to form a band that would then be queen.

A chronological way in the film is the meteoric appearance of the band's starring, as the song that gives the film its name, which is one of the great love songs in Mercury until its symbolic concert Live Aid in 1985. The viewer will experience the ups and downs downsides as the members of the queen were facing their entire career.

And this is where one of the film's biggest problems lies, you can not deny anything, the queen's myth is huge and little or nothing can be heard in a two-hour movie that is up to one of the bands most popular rock. Facts that Bohemian Rhapsody tells us they count in a cheesy but efficient manner and designed precisely to create feelings using very cheap resources in drama.

Rami Malek, He is a good actor and he makes a good interpretation of Freddie Mercury (although I confess that I would have liked to see him interpreted Sasha Baron Cohen which was originally intended for the role).

The only thing that bothered me is the fixation with its teeth in some scenes of the film, which sometimes seemed more like a mercury charcoal than an interpretation.

Bohemian Rhapsody It's a missed opportunity to tell you something very goodAt the end of the tape, it's not clear what the film focused, whether it was Queen's, Freddie's life, or his relationship with Mary Austin, one of his eternal love.

The creative side of mercury must be further investigated, or how her sexual state marked her style and family relationship. Ribbons like Go on the line, Ray, and even leave a pink one They are good examples of a musical biography where, besides revealing a figure, they talk about the moment they live and the social environment in which they evolved.

Finally, you can not mention that the musical number at the end of the band is the best moment, very well achieved and successfully convey the same experiences as watching the original Live Aid presentation and redefined forever to queen as a band

Bohemian Rhapsody is not a bad movie, it's entertaining, it's unfortunately going to be in the collection of accidental films in the musical genre.

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