Friday , December 3 2021

Bitcoin continues to fall – Diario Financiero


Cryptocurrencies have lost more than $ 730,000 million in market value since peak in January this year.

Bitcoin was heading for a further one-week decline on Friday and approaching even more at US $ 3000, a level not seen since September last year.

The main digital currency rose by 0.5% to $ 3,227 in Hong Kong, after falling to 6% in US trade, according to consolidated prices as Bloomberg compiled. The currency records a decline of about 3% for the week. The Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index is at a loss of five weeks.

Cryptocurrencies have lost more than 730,000 million US dollars in market value from January last year, according to data collected by The widespread institutional assumption that was envisaged did not arise because of security fears and regulatory barriers.

On Thursday, a wave of bomb threatening bitcoin propagation across the United States and Canada threatens, including in New York, Toronto and other major cities. The security analyst KrebsonSecurity published on its website the e-mail, where the alleged fraudsters requested payment of $ 20,000 in bitcoin. The New York City Police Department said the threat was not credible.

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