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Bill Gates reveals the biggest mistake of his career

Bill Gates has a long history of success in his career, but believes that Microsoft's failure to become the main competitor of Apple's iOS operating system is its "biggest mistake".

The founder of Microsoft recognized him twice in the latest interviews when analyzing how Microsoft lost to Google when starting a mobile operating system to compete with Apple's iOS.

"In the software world, especially for platforms, it's the markets that the winners take," Gates said in a new interview with venture capitalist Village Global. "So, The biggest mistake is the inaccuracy that I made that caused Microsoft not to be what Android is. Android is the standard non-Apple phone platform … There is room for exactly one operating system that is not Apple's. "

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For years, Microsoft was a leader in the computer industry, Apple hit, but failed to develop fast enough in smartphones. Microsoft launched its own mobile operating system, called Windows Mobile, 2000. Apple debuted with its iPhone 2007, followed by Google's Android platform in 2008. Although Microsoft first had a mobile operating system, it quickly fell behind Apple and Google.

In an interview on Monday at the Economic Club in Washington, Gates said the antitrust province he met at that time was a major distraction. He also said it The company failed to assign staff to work on the mobile.

"We knew that the mobile would be very popular, so we did what was called Windows Mobile. We lacked the dominant mobile operating system for very little"He said at the event." We were distracted during our antitrust trial. We do not assign the best people to do the job. Therefore, it is the biggest mistake I made regarding something that was clear in our skill set. Apparently we were the company that should have achieved it … and we didn't. "

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the Antirust test It was the result of lawsuits filed by the US Department of Justice, 20 states and the District of Columbia accusing Microsoft of illegal practices, monitoring and exclusion.

In the Village Global interview, Gates said the error cost the company billions of dollars who finally went to google Android is the most popular smartphone platform in the United States. During the first half of 2018, more than 85% of all smartphones sold globally had an Android operating system, according to statistical data.

"Our other assets, like Windows and Office, are still very strong, so we're a leading company," Gates said in the interview. "If we had succeeded, we would be the leading company, but good."

But that's not the only thing that Gates regrets. In 2017, he apologized for the Control-Alt-Delete feature originally used in Windows computers It wasn't a single key.

The company has also had other errors, for example Windows Vista, one of the most unpleasant versions of Windows and Windows ME, which was criticized for being wrong. music Players Zune They were also a great failure. Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer once said that the iPhone was "The most expensive phone in the world, and it doesn't attract commercial customers because it doesn't have a keyboard".

Gates, who uses an Android phone, retired from his daily job at Microsoft in June 2008 and ceased to chair the company's board in February 2014.

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