Tuesday , October 19 2021

Banco Consorcio reports that there was a cyber attack victim


Banco Consorcio reported that on Tuesday, November 6, as a result of the permanent monitoring, it was discovered that third parties not yet identified in the International Transmission System, with the intention of harmfully generating charges on their own account as it maintains with a foreign correspondent. .

"The immediate activation of security and contingency protocols is allowed to quickly control the incident, inform the authority, continue with the bank's operations and ensure that the information and information are integrity," the device says.

He also noted that an amount of less than $ 2 million is still being recovered, for which there is also a commitment insurance.

"The event had no impact on our customers' records or funds, and their products are still active. Our service channels, branches, websites and mobile applications have always been available," said the bank.

He also said that "we cooperate with international experts to investigate these facts and take legal action against those who are responsible."

At the same time, the banks and financial institutions superintendent (SBIF) reported that, through an operational incident report (RIO), 48 hours of Banco Consorcio was informed of an event that affected their international payments.

"There has been no impact on customers and we are working to ensure that the situation is controlled," said Sbif via his Twitter account.

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