Friday , December 3 2021

Backpack Kid sued Fortnite and 2K for his dance


Maybe they can not dance "Floss", and maybe not to the "Backpack Backpack Backpack", but if we show them, they've probably seen it somewhere:


Added to the demand from the actor who plays Carlton in the prince of Rap, this little boy unites through his mother the trials against Fortnite, according to TMZ.

Why? Well, to use your dance, of course. Although this is in the process of being patented, we do not think it reaches far, but in search there is no deception, they say.

In addition, the 2K creator of the most popular basketball games in the console world is also in this little boy's sights with no face, because they also included his little step in the game.

When you have 15 minutes of online fame and it's gone, the actions start to take advantage of your "talent" because it was not enough to go on tour with Katy Perry and eventually you seem to do the same dance for a few seconds.

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