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Anniversary of a marriage in Lebu ends in tragedy: family member killed one of the celebrities | national

In tragedy, what was a party ended Marriage day to Erwin and Erica, a couple from the municipality of Lebu in the Bío Bío region. This is because one of the guests – who belonged to the family – attacked the couple with a knife.

As a result of the aggression that took place on Saturday night, the woman was in a serious condition, currently hospitalized, while the man was killed.

The party was held in an address by the sector Trancalco Alto, in an area called "La Toma", as it was previously a sector of irregular housing.

In the middle of the meeting one of the guests was entangled in a rough discussion with the couple who were celebrated, to the point that the aggressor took a chef's knife.

With the Sharps weapon, one person attacked the woman first, identified as Erica Licancura 45 years oldwhich is stuck three times in the back to immediately turn on the victim, causing a deep sore in the chest, causing his death, confirmed Johnny Cares, Deputy Chief Prosecutor of Lebu.

The deceased was identified as Erwin Sanhueza Alarcón 44 years old, who would be the relative of the accused, even though the exact link is still subject to precision, the prosecutor appealed.

The woman was first referred to a local health service, but the seriousness of the injuries forced her to move her to the hospital. Regional Hospital of Concepcion, where she remains hospitalized by life risk.

The author of the assault escaped from the scene, but was arrested by Carabineros in the morning and the prosecutor responsible for the investigation decided that the investigations were submitted to the police personnel. Carabineros police station of Concepción.

The murderer, identified as Javier Sepúlveda Sanhueza 41 years old, has a criminal record: a previous conviction as the perpetrator of the crime's crime, while his detention was set tomorrow morning.

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