Sunday , October 2 2022

"Angel is not good, I'm very sad": Pampliega gives his face to the reporter Ángel Sastre, co-founder


Colleges by profession Angel Sastre has closed hands around him after his controversial connection last weekend, where reporting of live suspension of the game at Monumental between the River and Boca, gave the feeling of having intervened in Cuatro in a state of intoxication.

Since then, the video of this connection went viral and placed Sastre, a professional known for his work in conflict zones, in an uncomfortable situation.

Many viewers criticized what happened when they realized that the correspondent in Buenos Aires had acted with great frivolity and very little professionalism.

But those who know Sastre have come to their defense and have recalled the great work he does and that it would be unfair to be overshadowed by a spot that will undoubtedly follow the rest of his career.

The most moving thread, because of its proximity, was it off Antonio Pampliega. And are both those who know what really plays to fulfill the obligation to inform. – The shocking story of Antonio Pampliega about his 299-day captivity in Al Qaeda's hands –

Pampliega does not doubt it and ensures that: "I see myself reflected in my partner. After the kidnapping, I also accelerated and lost control of my life. I did hundreds of things I will regret the rest of my life ".

The reporter lacks the bad comments from hundreds of people against Sastre: "It's easy to break it and sink it. It's easy to stay with that picture. Angel is not good, it's obvious, but neither of us is because we've been fooled and we have not had the courage to meet we face to face. "

And is it that Sastre was kidnapped for many months in Syria with the above-mentioned Pampliega and José Manuel López.

During its kidnapping, and according to government sources, the Spanish government conducted a discreet negotiation from Turkey and Qatar, although they never exceeded many details about the exchange.

The solidarity and admirers of their work were great in the social networks and it continues:

Ángel Sastre is a journalist in Buenos Aires who works as a freelance for multiple media such as La Razón, Onda Cero and Cuatro.

He was assigned Larra 2010 and has traveled around Iberoamerica for about nine years.

It has also made coverings in other parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

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