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Android: Program for creating a GIF

Since social networks began to implement GIF as an element that comes with the message, The exposure of different clips has multiplied.

It is therefore WhatsApp also included GIFs as an alternative to the message that you want to send.

Then know 5 applications for performing GIF in a quick and practical way:


The poem of this application available on Google Play is that no registration is needed for its development. All corresponding changes can be made when selecting images.


It is the most famous of all. Its search platform is the most popular in the world and its application is quite useful thanks to all the editing options it has for its speed.


The main characteristic of this "App" is its speed. It works when you want to participate in a viral wave where a video becomes most widespread in social networks.


Your link to YouTube may be an advantage over the rest. Like the others, it's free and its features are very complete for making a GIF.


According to the specialized portal, Diligent, it is the first GIF creator. From its functions, you can understand how the viral phenomenon of sharing animations began.

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