Friday , December 3 2021

Andrea Díaz wants to repatriate the Miss Universe crown


Tonight, why not, is the most important thing for Andrea Diaz. Chilean father and Venezuelan mother, from 9:00 local, Andrea plays the crown of a new Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand, which will receive a transgender participant from Spain for the first time this year.

The banana for our countryman to apply for the throne that Cecilia Bolocco won in 1987 has not been easy. Several years ago he lived a difficult section, because an aesthetic process ended with his face burned by an acid and destroyed his merits for the future. She recently announced to her fans that she lived more than a year in hiding. But the little one is left, because from Bangkok there are just words of joy.

"The period has been fantastic, I never thought of all the support I would have in social networks, sponsors who co-operated in my preparation," he admits.

– What has been the most complex of this finale? Handling of times. You must always move from one place to another, both in physical and intellectual preparation, costumes, interviews.

– What do you think of the competition? Miss Universe values ​​women with powerful stories that are examples for others. In one minute, I thought my dream fell apart, but then I understood that the Chilean woman's essence should not go to die, but to fight for what we want and what we dream. I am the living example that beauty and perfection is not everything.

– What is it that you have got the most preparation for the competition and what have you most easily given? The simplest is the catwalk, that's what I love, my passion that I've developed over the years. The hardest? The English language, because I did not handle it very well but so far, it has not been a problem because I had several months to reinforce it.

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