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An asteroid threatens to affect and partially destroy the earth

Many asteroids and comets have approached the earth Over the past 20 years, some have gone very close, threatening to influence and change human life. The latest US space agency report, NASA, reported more than 18,000 objects of this type from 1999 to 2018, But the threat now has a new name, it's called Bennu.

It measures almost 500 meters in diameter and his image was taken by the robot space probe OSIRIS-REx, while traveling around the sun at a speed of more than 100,000 kilpometers per hour.

It is an object near the Earth or NEA (Near Earth Asteroid) it could beat the earth on September 21, 2135, and partially destroys it.

Bennu is an asteroid that revolves around the sun, completes its orbit in 436 604 days (1.2 years) and once every six years the earth approaches. Because of its proximity to our planet, there is a great possibility that Bennu will affect the earth.

"This image was captured by the OSIRIS-REX MapCam imaging system on December 12, 2018, while the spacecraft is flying over the equatorial Bennu region during the preliminary study of the asteroid mission," the agency reported.

The image was taken from a distance of about eight miles (13 kilometers), while the spacecraft travels towards the asteroid.

OSIRIS-REX Acronyms for several of the instruments transported by the ship – resigned on September 9, 2016 from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and took two years to reach its goal, which, as clarified by NASA, does not destroy the asteroid, just studying the.

In fact the probe will land in Bennu 2020, where it will take samples of the asteroid to bring them to earth.

NASA reports it Rocks of this type and the like are observed by specialists and the average is at least 40 per week.

However, the probability that one of these rocky objects can really affect the earth is relatively, if not zero.

What the students in the area insure is that They continue to monitor this type of extraterrestrial threat to detect and prevent collision with the blue planet.

A special work in the chain CNN in spanish it highlights that NASA is working on designing a ship that can "divert asteroids" in the future who can reach the earth. "

In 2016, the number of NEAs exceeded 15,000, with an average of 30 discoveries added each week, according to observers of Mount Lemmon Survey, of Catalina Sky Survey, a project funded by NASA.

This milestone marked an increase of 50% in the number of known NEAs since 2013, then Discoveries reached 10,000 in August of the same year.

"The increased discovery is due to surveys and improved telescopes that came into operation in recent years," says Kelly Fast, the coordinator to observe these items at NASA.

"But even if we make great progress, we still have a long way to go"So he quoted in Tribune

It is estimated that only 27% of the 140 meters large and the asteroids were found so far. Therefore, the US Congress UU. He ordered NASA to find more than 90% of them by 2020.

"While there is no known NEA so far as posing a risk of impact with the soil over the next 100 years, we have found most of the largest asteroids, but there are many potentially dangerous little ones available," said the official. Planetary Defense or NASA Lindley Johnson.

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