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Alzheimer's: What are the warning signs and risk factors for this very common disease? | Society

Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia worldwide and accounts for between 60% and 70% of cases.

In conversations with Bío Bío TV, the neuropsychologist and coordinator of the memory problem Red Salud, Matías Molina, explained that it is a neurodegenerative disease, that is,The neurons die gradually in the brain in some areas and consists of 3 steps: mild, moderate and difficult.

"People have very scared that he forgets some things and they think they have this disease, but it is not so, the important thing is to decide how it affects me in my daily activities and my environment, says the expert.

First warning signs

In general, it is the relatives who belong to someone who suffers from this disease, so the question arises:how to find this diagnosis and which are the first signs that would warn me of a possible Alzheimer's?

Well, Molina explained that if the person feels very influenced in their everyday life by these repetitive forgetfulness, either because it loses its job or generates social problems, and this is accentuated over time, we must keep an eye on her and find a specialist.

"It is ideal to visit a neurologist who will guide and control the examinations that must be performed to determine whether the functionality is biologically affected," he said.

From the age of 50 or 60, a geriatrician can also be consulted. Psychiatric can also begin an evaluation.

This form of pathological aging of the brain, There is no cure But there are some ways to slow down the development of this disease, for example stimulate the brain.

"There is no evidence to stimulate it to prevent Alzheimer's, but it helps to cope with it. For example play sudoku, read or make soups of letters "he counted

The important thing is that the activities are important for the person, "something as simple as changing the work path to the house, learning another language, reading a new book or newspaper, is the way to enrich brain, "he said.

Another way to take care of this disease is to have one good nutrition, because according to the expert there is Avoid foods that contain bad cholesterol It can affect brain toxicity, causing neuronal death. You need to keep a balance.

He also emphasized that A person who is forgotten does not mean that he will have Alzheimer's, to forget is part of the memory.

There are other factors that can affect these surveys, for example fatigue, stress or not sleep well, but it should not be a warning.

"The quality of life that a person has while suffering from it is important because It is not common cause of mortality, since people in treatment can live 20 or 30 years a normal life, he says.

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